I still don't understand how to semantic web

So, as a long-standing open internet activist*, and more recently, specifically someone who's interested in actively helping software eat the nonprofit sector (as it has been chowing down on other sectors) I still feel like I don't understand how to design interventions to promote an the open web. Most of the things I do end up looking open data portal and APIs. After many conversations, I still don't grok, or even get sparql, or triples or RDF or OWL or any it.

It seems pretty obvious that APIs are not the best way to power an open web, so I'm trying to keep learning about the other solution(s).

*I wish that I still had that picture of that event - the creation of Burkina Faso's first Linux User Group in 2002. I was there as part of an CIDA project funded by Industry Canada called Netcorps / Cyberjeunes.

Michael Lenczner

Likes open data, the nonprofit sector, and working on cool tech & policy stuff with friends.

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