Open by Default & RBM = hootenanny

I think that I need a different URL. I've never sought anonymity, but I enjoyed having a half-ass pseudonym. It's weirdly uncomfortable (intimidating?) posting on I feel like any post should be some type of formal statement.

One thing that I've been meaning to write down and share with people is the thing that happens (will happen? should happen?) when government open by default policies intersect with government results-based management.

A friend is pointing the way with some of her posts, but I'm excited to focus more on how it will create change in the nonprofit sector - along with other areas mainly driven by government contracting. Sprinkle on some open data standards for expressing government procurement / contracting (IATI, OCDS, 360 Giving, etc.) and we should be having a semantically-enabled hootenanny.

IATI has been publishing grants multiple times over their lifecycle for a long time now (i.e. including results with the semantically described expenditure data). We're going to be working with the Ontario Trillium Foundation this year to do that same thing. It's not sure, but I think that the future, she's a comin'. Which I reckon is a good thing for improved learning across the social sector and, resultingly, improved social outcomes.

This is one of the areas that we're excited to explore under the next phase of Transform the Sector.

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