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I have to say, I like these prompts from Ghost (my blogging software).

So, I'm pulling the trigger today. I'm going to kick off a FB group tonight for Montrealers to discuss building and maintaing knowledge infrastructures.

In 2003 I kicked off Ile sans fil with Mina and David. In 2005 I worked with a bunch of people, including Tracey Lauriault, to launch Canada's first community for open data, called Civic Access. In 2009, I founded Ajah with the help of fellow ISF-er and my good friend Daniel Drouet, as well as Nicolas Cadou, and Yannick Gingras. In 2013, Jesse and I created Powered by Data as Ajah's non-profit initiative. And now, again with Jesse's help, I'm going to work on getting a community going here in Montreal on the subject of building collaborative knowledge infrastructures.

In fact, I'm hoping it's home will be right here, where I am now. Vice & Versa has always been a bit punk, definitely terroir, and Little Italy, the place I've lived for the last 10 years, is feeling itself in a way I haven't seen before (I give it 5 years till it jumps the shark). I'm hoping the second expansion / third room they recently put in they might make a good home, the way Utopik helped to give birth to Ile sans fil.

The real reason for this is that this subject is the main thing I want to think about and talk about, and my life will be richer and I'll have more fun if I have a community to do that with. I'm really excited about the internet and the web, and I'm not done trying to build soccer fields in downtown montreal. ;)

I've been doing some googling for folks to invite - here's a partial list.

and voila Building (and maintaining) knowledge infrastructures (Yes, I'm starting with a FB group event thought this about semweb and open infrastructure, because a lot of people that I want to join are not going to be Twitter-ers, and Meetup isn't good for building community online. I'm thinking FB for the community formation, and Eventbrite or Meetup for the events).

Mood - Set It Off soundtrack  (H/T Jenny Certainty)

Postscript: This project stems from a lot of conversations that I had with Tracey Lauriault on information infrastructures between 2005-2010. I'm learned a lot through our discussions and am still figuring out how to apply that knowledge.

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